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Mywife and brother

My wife Sarah had always fancied my older brother Andrew, she had nearly got with him just before we got together. She would always pass comment on his looks and his body, which he kept in excellent shape with a lot of gym work. At first I passed it off as nothing and just took the comments as nothing. Then one night we were in town on a night out and a couple of my mates were drunk and talking to my wife (then girlfriend). as i starting heading over she kissed them both on the lips, not much more than a peck but I was uneasy with the situation. As I arrived closer there was talk of tongues and they had seen me arrive to the table but when they did the conversation swiftly changed.

We left shortly after and I still felt uneasy about what I had seen. However when we arrived back home I brought the subject up and started to feel aroused as she confessed they had asked her to kiss them and then they were trying to get her to make out with them both. I asked her if she was going to and she giggled drunk and asked me if i would of wanted her to. I suddenly got so turned on and so did she and she confessed that shed would of loved to of kissed them both and more. This then led to her also spilling the beans that she would love to fuck my brother Andrew.

These types of conversations became more frequent and started to focus on my brother. Until one night we were once again out in town and our group was all very drunk and dancing when I noticed my wife was dancing with my brother, obviously nothing overly suspicious but a bit of grinding and a few suspect placed hands I stepped off the dancefloor to watch it develop. This continued for a while and I watched on highly aroused. We left soon after and all the way home she talked about it and how she had rubbed her hand on his cock and he was get aroused and she said she felt what must be a massive cock through his jeans. When we finally got home her panties were already soaked and we had mind blowing sex while she said how aroused he'd got her.

This was unfortunately the last time anything happened for a while as my brother got into a relationship and no opportunities arose. However my wife continued to talk about it and how much she wanted to see how big his dick was!

The next year me and my brother ended up renting a house together and this obviously delighted Sarah. From day one she would come round and flirt at every opportunity with Andrew. Then it she started walking around in just her underwear and a t-shirt or sometimes nip to the bathroom in just her underwear if she knew he was there. Andrew also liked to walk around in his underwear much to the delight of Sarah!

Finally Andrews faltering relationship ran its course and soon after we ended up in town as a group. We were all very drunk and Sarah and Andrew had been sat talking for some time in a bay seat in the corner of the club. As I went over they were talking about his break up and she was saying how good looking and nice he was and how he could have any girl he wanted etc.

When in the taxi on the way home we were sat in the back of the minibus and I suggested that Sarah make a move when we got back to the house. We devised a plan to kiss in the hallway and then when he made a comment she would ask if he felt left out then kiss him too and hopefully it would develop from there! however this plan failed as he brushed passed and up the stairs to his room.

We had to think quick and I said id go in and talk to him and she should come in after 5 mins. I went in and sat on his bed and began talking to him about his ex and the breakup etc. He was a bit down and I was telling him the best way to get over someone was to have a few flings with people. He was telling me it wasn't that easy and then almost right on queue Sarah came in. I noticed immediately that she had removed her leggings and just had her long top on and I presumed underwear. She came and sat next to me on the bed and joined the conversation.

Things swiftly moved on and I was telling Andrew that Sarah thought he was really hot and why didn't he just fuck her to help his situation. Id noticed by this point that my wife's legs had moved apart and my brother was struggling to keep his eyes from her bright pink french knickers. He was looking at me and her crotch back and forth and trying to asses the situation he said he could fuck Sarah. He then stood up and so did she and next thing she was next to him telling him it was okay and that I didn't my and she really wanted to.

Before I knew it her persuasion had worked and they were locked in a passionate kiss whilst his hands shot inside her knickers and she was fumbling anxiously at his be continued

Date: 4 year ago

By: Sarah Sex : Female